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Stress. Overwhelm. Exhaustion.

Stress. Overwhelm. Exhaustion. ⁣

Can you relate? Where are my mommas out there? Where are my small business owners? How about college students? ⁣

Every stage of life brings it's own set of joys and sorrows. Triumphs and failures. Laughs and tears. ⁣

Six months ago my husband lived 500 miles away while I finished out the school year with our 4 kids and got the house on the market. My daughter had been in leg cast for 4 weeks because of surgery and had 4 more weeks to go. My 2 year old had chosen that time to exert his independence with "No! I do it" at the most inopportune times. ⁣

Sometimes life is hard. "Self Care" is such a hot phrase right now, and it is one I am getting on board with. You know how flight attendants always tell you to put your oxygen masks on before you put one on your child? We need to start doing that. We need to find our oxygen masks and start putting them on before the air is sucked out and we are left with nothing. ⁣

It will look different for each of us. It will look different each day. Yesterday I needed a hot shower after all of the kids were in bed. Today I needed 30 minutes of yoga and a mug of green tea at 2pm. ⁣

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. Stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion don't have to be a way of life. If you need a friend, email me! Chances are, I need one too. ⁣

Forward this post a friend who might need to hear this message today. You are not alone in this awesome journey called life!

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